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Created in May 2020

A Call from the Institute of World Culture

The Institute of World Culture of the Dnipro University of Technology expresses its support to the people of Belarus, who are friendly to us, in affirming the freedom of will expression and dignity of all members of the democratic majority!

On the path of spiritual evolution Humanity is guided by the universal values of essential unity, freedom and truth! World culture, enriched with the diversity of ethnic groups, nations, peoples and states, unites us on the path!

Today we wholeheartedly support the majority of Belarus people!

May humanitarian values, awareness and mutual understanding lead our friendly neighbor to peaceful prosperity and development based on the spiritual focuses of culture!


Director: Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, PhD (Philosophy), Professor Yuliia Shabanova

Institute of World Culture Dnipro University of Technology (hereinafter - the Institute) - a scientific and cultural, educational institution, a partner organization inspired by independent institutions such as the Institute of World Culture (Santa Barbara, USA) and the Indian Institute of World Culture (Bangalore, India).


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