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Department of Philosophy at Dnipropetrovsk Mining Institute (now - State HEI "National History-line-ENG 4- копия.jpgMining University") was established in 1962. It has been founded on the ground of philosophical section that conducted its activity on Department of Marxism-Leninsm. A graduating student of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Ph.D., associate professor Chernenko was a head of Department that year. In other years there were some other heads: Ph.D., associate professor Yu.M. Kolotiy; Ph.D., associate professor V.O. Pelyh; Dr.Sc. (philosophy), academician P.I. Gnatenko; Ph.D., professor A.S. Reznytskiy, Dr.Sc. (philosophy), professor T.S. Parkhomenko; Dr. Sc. (philosophy), professor V.V. Khmyl'. From September 2001 department of philosophy is governed by Dr.Sc. (philosophy), professor J.A. Shabanova. Since department was established, there were many other fellows who worked there: associate professor A.G. Bergman, R.G. Vaychyick, N.Ye. Schlaifer, M.S. Fetisov, V.A. Zhad'ko, A.G. Mozhaykin, L.O. Kostryukova, Yu. J. Narizhnyi and others.

The main aim of department from the day of its founding is to nurse contemporary world outlook in NMU student's vision, ability to use social sciences in their professional activity, create methodological ground for making methodological ground for engineering solutions. In order to achieve this task were and is taught such disciplines as: " Philosophy," "History of Philosophy," "Logic," "Rhetoric," "Ethics," "Aesthetics," "History of State and Right Studies," "Religious Studies," "Ukrainian and Foreign Culture," "Philosophical Thought in Ukraine," "Contemporary SER and its Social Aftermath," "Psychology Essentials" etc. Department focuses in teaching on close connection of philosophical disciplines to real life, to tasks of social sciences, and features of HEI and each faculty.

For years department issued about 100 tutorials, among which were: "Society on Threshold of XXI Century: Philosophical Contemplation on Volatile World", "Culture of International Relationships Development", "Philosophy", "Native Philosophy", "Society . Philosophical Analysis Essentials", "Public Awareness and its Role in Life of Society", "Work on Primary Sources for Students who Study Philosophy", and also a thread of methodical recommendations on how to prepare seminar papers, on unassisted student's work on different topics of course programs, on how to prepare individual work.

There is a natural practice to deliver not only standard, but problematic lectures, conduct disputes, business games, philosophical quizzes, preparation and discussion students' essays. Student are always involved in scientific creativity in the field of philosophy, they take part in scientific-researching competitions annually, in student's conferences, in institutional days of science. Department of Philosophy was awarded many times by Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine for organization and efficient management in philosophical research. History-line-ENG 4- копия (2).jpg

Since 1960 scientific activity of department of philosophy was concerned philosophical aspects of Scientific Engineering Revolution, social development of labor staff in mining area, spiritual sphere of social life and historico-philosophical processes of XX century, questions of social and scientific and engineering progress correlation, regulations of political program of social development, patterns of national development and national relationships, contemporary public awareness, its structural components and forms, dialectics of entire personality development.

Staff of department organizes and conducts scientific conferences. It had been held a regional conference "Questions of Theory and Practice in International Relationships in Times of Restructuring" in 1990, and "National Psychology and Problems of its Researching" in 1991. Since 2005 department of philosophy holds annual scientific-practical conferences dedicated to International Day of Philosophy.

Staff of department focuses on education of scientists and teachers, rising the level of personnel qualification, department concentrates on work of post-graduates of all departments f Dnipropetrovsk Mining Institute, and later of National Mining Academy of Ukraine and State HEI "National Mining University" during the four decades of department's existence. Employees of department were assigned to post-graduate studies and institution of doctoral candidacy for training in-depth, to institutions of professional development, defended their doctoral and doctoral dissertations, were conferred their academic titles, were publishing their monographs. You may find such titles among issued monographs as:: "National Character. Myths and Reality" (P.I. Gnatenko, 1984), «National Psychology» (P.I. Gnatenko, 2000), Socio-Cultural Discourse of Morality» (T.S. Parchomenko, 1995), «State and Society: Borderlines of Freedom» (V.V. Khmyl', 1998), «Society: Problems of Mechanism and Direction of Movement» (F.I. Prokofiev, 2000), «Beyond Rationality. Arthur Schopenhaue's irrational Metaphysics and Ways of Spiritual Culture Development in 19-20th Centuries» (J. O. Shabanova, 2005), «Sense and Borderlines of Human's Spirituality» (V.Ye. Gromov, 2005), «Creative Valeology" (V. Pryhod'ko, V. Kuzminskiy, 2004), «Higher School Pedagogics: Terms and Concepts Vocabulary» (V.V. Pryhodko, V.V. Malyi, V.L. Galats'ka, M.A. Myronenko, 2005).

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