Національний ТУ «Дніпровська політехніка» — відповідність Часу

10th International Whitehead Conference, Claremont, June 2015.

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Міжнародна конференція у м. Бангалор, Індія (з участю Далай Лами)

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Bounds of Ethics in a Globalized World

Bangalore, January 6 - 9, 2014

In "Bounds of Ethics in a Globalized World" (BoE2014), we want to explore methodically the bounds of ethical considerations in all types of human interactions - with their fellow beings, communities and with their environment - which are usually interwoven with important values and norms, religious duties and practices, and social, economic and political power structures of the globalized world. "Bounds of Ethics" (BoE2014), therefore, aims to create among the participants awareness and understanding of the moral fabric of global affairs, and cultivate in them a critical moral thinking in their pursuit of human well-being and ecological integrity.


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