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white lotus.jpgProceedings of the annual presentations at scientifico-practical conference "H.P. Blavatsky and Contemporaneity", May 8, 2015, Department of Philosophy and Pedagogics, State HEI "National Mining University". Theme: "Spiritual Aspects of Contemporary Worldview". Scientific researches of creativity of madame Blavatsky were represented in proceedings. Conference dedicated to  Madame Blavatsky Remembrance Day (White Lotus Day), her theosophical heritage was a conceptual grounding for presented talks. Download (pdf)

БлаватскаяConferences dedicated to H.P. Blavatsky, our compatriot and her theosophical legacy, have been conducted annually in Dnipropetrovsk since 1991. As always, theosophists, philosophers, and scientists represent their ideas on H.P. Blavatsky in the context of contemporary problems of spirituality and its development there at conference annually. The main stream of scientific dialogue is interdisciplinary approach to questions on spirituality. This conference takes place on May 8 according to theosophic tradition, on Blavatsky Remembrance Day, entitled as White Lotus Day.
It was a solemn opening ceremony of the White Lotus Day at the Blavatsky and her family Museum House where were presented representatives of spiritual organizations of Ukraine, theosophists, and people interested in theosophy. It was a string quartet concert of classical music performed by Dnipropetrovsk conservatory in the House where Blavatsky was born.
This conference takes place on behalf of Department of Philosophy at State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University” for many years. There were submitted papers for this conference entitled as “Contemporary World Outlook: Spiritual Aspects of Culture” from Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, Germany, USA. These contributions were dedicated to immediate contemplation on different aspects in Blavatsky studies (issues of theurgy, magic, mystical experience, pessimism, society, and education), socio-cultural and philosophical aspects of spirituality.

Harmonic outcome of White Lotus Day was a vocal music concert of contemporary composers.

To download proceedings, please go here

ПетровIt was held a round-table in the Centre for Aesthetical Development at the Dept. of Philosophy titled as “Is it Difficult for Us to Build Up a Steady House?” with a journalist, famous in his area television anchorman, member of National Journalist Union and
National Filmmaker Union of Ukraine Igor Rodionov.
He presented his book on “secrets” of Dnipropetrovsk architecture to students of Economic Institute and Faculty of Building.

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Бурименко-Журавель.jpgIt was a presentation of pictures of painter Alla Burymenko-Zhuravel’ at the Centre for Aesthetical Development.
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It was invited a guest to department of philosophy, winner of Royal Belgian Academy, author of numerous monographs, philosopher and researcher Pr. Michel Weber (Brussels, Belgium). Michel Weber is specialized on process metaphysics or ‘philosophy of organism’ creator of which was Anglo-American mathematician, logician, philosopher Alfred North Whitehead. Some of his works were translated into 5 languages.
A title of seminar that had been offered by M. Weber is: Stakes of Whiteheadian Process Ontology.

You can download pdf-presentation here.

Interpreter: assistant lecturer, Ph.D. Denys (Volodymyrovych) Zhadyaev.
“I have met prof. M. Weber in Germany. It was a special honour to invite him to us. Not only because this person is from Europe – a cradle of universities – but also because he is a country fellow of Ilya Prigogine, famous book of which (‘Order out of Chaos’) contains in itself main ideas of A.N. Whitehead and is a well-worn book in the library of the university which I have been graduated from. For me personally, this occasion is a kind of received communion for me to scientific thought and society of workers in “philosophical guild”. When I have met M. Weber at the Boryspil Airport and had some talk to him, I remarked that he resembles Quixote a bit for me. He agreed, but remarked in his turn, that he does not struggle with mills” (D. Zhadyaev).

You can download a content of presentation here (en)

Video on solemn celebration of 50-th anniversary of department of philosophy (part 1)

(part 2)

Power point presentation: history of department, staff

It was a 5th time when at department of philosophy are held Panukrainian philosophical
P1010009.JPGreadings “Contemporary Being of Philosophy” dedicated to International day of philosophy (UNESCO). Among participants were 19 doctors of science in philosophy, engineering, linguistics, politics and teaching and 22 Ph.D.
These readings were impressive enough because we had many participants from:
- National University “Lvivs’ka Polytechnika” and L’viv’s National Medical University
- Drogobych State Pedagogical University
- Kondratiuck Poltava National Engineering University
- Zaporizs’kiy National University
- Oles’ Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University
- National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
- Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport
- Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute of State’s Government under president of Ukraine

- Ukrainian State Chemistry-Technological University
- Dnipropetrovsk State Financial Academy
- Dnipropetrovsk Historical Museum
- “Sofia” society
Many other post-graduate students, masters and undergraduate students from different
P1010009.JPG areas of studies took part as well in discussion on philosophical problems of contemporary from our university and from Oles’ Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University.

According to participant’s confession, department of philosophy at State HEI “National Mining University” is, perhaps, the first which started professional meetings annually at the end of November dedicated to International day of UNESCO where actual problems of being are discussing.

The impetus to this discussion was report of Pr., Dr., head of department of philosophy at National University “L’vivs’ka Polytechnika” V. L. Petrushenko on topic “Changings in Contemporary Philosophy: Metaphysics, Anthropology, Understanding of Consciousness”. It was presented a view on further being of philosophy in the way of ‘optimistic
pessimism’. According to panelist philosophy experienced significant transformations under influence of ‘conflict of interpretations,’ ‘linguistic terror,’ narrative creativity of reality.
A bit unlooked for, but not disappointing approach on Being, Way of Life, and Everyday
Life has been suggested by Pr. Dr. Sc. (philosophy), head of Department of Philosophy at State HEI “National Mining University” Julia Shabanova.
Endlessness of metaphysics as an apology for philosophy by means of appealing to meaning of life has been proved by report of Pr., Dr. Sc. (philosophy), head of Department of Philosophy and Socio-Political Disciplines at Poltava National Engineering University named after Yu. Kondratiuck G. Ye. Alyaev.
Vitality in the context of revival of irrational approaches to understanding of the world by rationalistic tradition – means of which even do not loose their efficiency even in contemplation of extent of reasonableness of the very reason – showed in report of Pr., Dr. Sc. (philosophy), professor at Department of Philosophy in Drogobych Pedagogical University named after V.S. Voznyak.
Not less vital capacity of religious philosophy, conditioned by its critical potential, has
been disclosed in the report of Ph.D., associate professor of Department of Philosophy inP1010010.JPG Drogobych State Pedagogical University V.V. Lymonchenko. And continuing openly this topic Ph.D., associate professor of Department of Philosophy in State HEI “National Mining University” V. Ye. Gromov highlighted in detail questions of development of methodology of researching in spirituality.
Discussion went to phase of sharp tension after a speech of Ph.D., professor of Department of Philosophy in Dnipropetrovsk State Financial Academy V.I. Shubin on topic of “Twilights in Philosophy” in which postmodern philosophy was criticized roughly.

Because, in associate professor, Ph.D., Department of Philosophy and Economics at Lviv’s National Medical University O.P Petrushenko’s opinion entirely critical attitude towards postmodern philosophy is not justified, to some extent, because it referred to other reality, to new objects of philosophizing, to fragmental human and unusual in its
way of discourse, however postmodern philosophy got tightly implanted in classical tradition.
It has been merited final of philosophical talking when Pr. Dr. Sc. (philosophy) Head of Department in State HEI “National Mining University” was presenting her monograph “Theosophy from the Perspective of Philosophical and Socio-Cultural Contemplation”.
So far as theosophy, which sometimes causes variety of feelings and thoughts, some of them are even strictly negative, has been presented in the context of historico-philosophical preconditions which shaped its main principles from Hellenistic to non-classical epoch.
Guests got vivid impressions from the concert of classical music in execution of students
from Dnipropetrovsk conservatoire named after Glinky where were performed such a pieces of music like “Gipsy Melodies” by P. Sarasate, romances by Alabyev and Chaykovsky, remixes for the guitar of Celtic folklore.

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