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CRW_0404.pngValeriy (Petrovych) Zhyzhchenko,

PhD, associate professor, associate professor at dept. of Philosophy in State HEI “National Mining University.”
He is an author at about 20 scientific papers on philosophy.
His field of interests is history of Ukrainian philosophical and socio-political thought, logic, philosophical problems in language, religious studies.
He teaches such disciplines: “Philosophy,” “Religious Studies,” “Logic,” “Philosophical Problems in scientific Knowledge.”
Regional government and State HEI “National Mining University” governing body have conferred him their commendations.

Main works

Web-site: http://thales2002.narod.ru/
e-mail: leben@ua.fm

Методичні рекомендації студентам заочної форми навчання для підготовки з курсу «Філософські проблеми наукового дослідження»


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