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Social and psychological service
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The social and psychological service of Dnipro University of Technology, established in 2008, operates on the basis of the relevant regulations and the University articles.
The social and psychological service of
Dnipro University of Technology is a structural unit of the Department of Philosophy and Pedagogics and reports to the Rector of the University.
Manager - Julia Shabanova;
Practical psychologist
Yevgeniya (Dmitrivna) Rodina.
The service is located in
building 11, room 1.

Service Regulations (2008) (Ukr)

Service Regulations (2019) (Ukr)

e_rodina_banner_02.jpgAreas of Social and Psychological service activity:

1. Psychological diagnostics (individual and group) - social and psychological study of students, teachers and staff, mental development of individual students, identification of the reasons that complicate personal development, learning and
team relationships; conducting research on topical issues that arise in the educational process;

2. Individual counseling for the purpose of providing psychological support and assistance in crisis life situations, self-discovery, solving personal problems, establishing relationships, personal development, forming a socially useful life perspective.

3. Psycho-correction and development work - implementation of psychological and pedagogical measures for elimination of deviations in individual development and behavior among students with the use of methods of psychocorrection and general psychotherapy (short-term positive psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, art therapy; art therapy);

4. Prevention - timely prevention of deviations in the formation of personality, interpersonal relationships, prevention of conflicts in the educational process, the formation of healthy lifestyle skills; reducing stress and preventing emotional burnout in the pedagogical process;

5. Corrective psychological groups - establishing communication, forming partner communication skills, developing self-confidence, creating a psychological climate in the team and team building;

6. Organizing and conducting psychological trainings in the form of group training programs, coaching, business games;

7. Psychological education - enhancing the psychological culture of all participants in the educational process - students, teachers, staff. Development and distribution of advertising and information products on the activity of social and psychological service.

The main purpose of the activity of the social and psychological service is to increase the efficiency of the educational process, development and formation of a mature professionally oriented student's personality, while preserving the psychological health of all participants of the educational process.

Tasks of social and psychological service:

1. Provision of psychological assistance to university students and staff in difficult life situations;

2. Promoting students' personal and professional development;

3. Creating conditions for the formation of motivation for learning, self-education and self-development;

4. Formation of students and staff of the university of a high level of psychological culture;

5. Humanizing relationships in student and teaching teams;

6. Provision of an individual approach to each participant of the educational process, creation of conditions for realization of personality and his creative abilities;

7. Psychological support for the prevention of conflicts in the student environment, psychological support for students who need special attention of teachers, prevention of exacerbation of personal problems and the formation of deviant and addictive behavior.

Work Principles:

- Ethical attitude to the participants of the process;

- Respect for the practical material of the client and everyone concerned with the work;

- Confidentiality (notdissemination of information obtained in the course of psychological diagnostics or corrective work, if it may harm the person or his environment).

Practical psychologist's office - building 11, room 1

e_rodina_banner_03.jpg Yevgeniya (Dmytrivna)
Phone - 0963345147, Viber

Social Psychological Service
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